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I have said recently I wanted to create more content on my blog. One of my ideas was to recreate some of my paintings in illustrator and vectorize them. I started with one of my first oil paintings, Merlot. I loved the challenge and new way to look at my paintings. During the process I was able to make a great swatch library and symbol library. Both will be available!

I created this step by step video to show how it was done. I tried to pair it with a song that was just right, and as Billie Holiday just seemed the right kind of mood.

Here are some posters I created using the symbol library.




I want to start doing stop motion paintings more regularly to gain content on this blog. This painting was done in only one night and one morning with 230 photos. Most of my paintings are about the process, taking photos and creating these stop motion films are a great way to show the steps taken in the work. They show just how much the paintings have changed and some have even been rotated. This one seems a little unfinished, but I plan to keep trying and keep postings. I think good things will be coming, so stay tuned.

Look back for more progress and more videos soon!

I did this one before if you want to see one created almost three years ago!