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Photographer: David Keochkerian

During this holiday break I do not have too much time to make a larger post, but I do want to just give a Friday shout out to this France based photographer who takes images in infrared–they are nuts! I found myself drawn to them, wondering if they were real or not. They seem realistic in some ways–but only if you were walking around the world of Dr Seuss.

Check out more of his fantastic portfolio here:







Enjoy this post and I hope everyone is getting ready to bring in the new year in style.

Speaking of New Years —-
For the second New Years in a row, I will be live painting for Art Milwaukee. This time the party is at the Milwaukee Art Museum and I could not be happier to be a participant. Check out my Facebook Page to see more about the project I am working on. In short–it will be a light box, with a custom cut board on top, with an interactive element that everyone can participate in without getting messy!

Check here for details for NYE. 

See you next Year!





I want to start doing stop motion paintings more regularly to gain content on this blog. This painting was done in only one night and one morning with 230 photos. Most of my paintings are about the process, taking photos and creating these stop motion films are a great way to show the steps taken in the work. They show just how much the paintings have changed and some have even been rotated. This one seems a little unfinished, but I plan to keep trying and keep postings. I think good things will be coming, so stay tuned.

Look back for more progress and more videos soon!

I did this one before if you want to see one created almost three years ago!


In 2005 I started an on going photography / self-portrait series.
This is one of my most recent contact pages from the project.

I take a photo looking down at my feet, at the same angle, every time I find I am in a new place.
Whether that be physical or mental.

I never really liked (or was good at) painting self portraits, but I was still drawn to the idea of a self portrait. The first picture I took in this series was the last day of high school in 2005 in Cary, IL. I had my feet at the end of a fallen tree on a hike in one of my favorite parks with one of my favorite people. I find the image of my feet { the physical thing that got me to the location } and the scene helped capture the moment better then my facial expressions. The picture represented so much for me, I kept taking them and still take them to this day. I have a shot in front of the Eiffel tower, the Sears tower, the hoover damn and I plan on keeping the series going until my feet are old and wrinkled.

Not sure if everyone will think it is gross, interesting or weird. Hope you enjoy.

Feet Project : 2

Feet Project : 1Feet Project : 3



Tuesday – Just another dull rainy Tuesday.

Christian Faur

Day 2

But I did find this awesome crayon artist on facebook today, that’s right I said CRAYON artist.

Stumble upon yet again saves a day from having seen nothing exciting on the internet!