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I have said recently I wanted to create more content on my blog. One of my ideas was to recreate some of my paintings in illustrator and vectorize them. I started with one of my first oil paintings, Merlot. I loved the challenge and new way to look at my paintings. During the process I was able to make a great swatch library and symbol library. Both will be available!

I created this step by step video to show how it was done. I tried to pair it with a song that was just right, and as Billie Holiday just seemed the right kind of mood.

Here are some posters I created using the symbol library.



A Banksy Film



Through word of mouth my friend Milwaukee artist Lindsay Marx and her boyfriend Jim recommended I watch this movie created by the famous street artist, Banksy. After watching it I was not only laughing and loving the film, I also had a great appreciation for street art around the world. The film is overflowing with famous street artist from Shepard Fairy to Space Invader all playing their role in one man’s (Mr. Brainwash) multiple year journey to capture the rise of street art behind the lens. But there only catch is he is not a film maker and maybe possibly nuts.

Check out the film here: Exit Through the Gift Shop: A Banksy Film

Here is some of Banksy Work.