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Some time has passed since I last posted an update on this blog, or anywhere online for that matter.

This past month, I have been pursuing some new ventures and they have all come to fruition. Looking into the future of 2012 I could not be happier about what lies ahead. I see my worlds two of art and design finally intertwining. I am on the right path in life and it won’t be that much longer till work is not work anymore, it is simply life.

What are these changes you ask? A new spot coming to Milwaukee that is going to change how people view entertainment and the arts – Splash Studio. Splash, opening March 21, will be Milwaukee’s first ever painting bar. Exactly how it sounds, Splash will offer a bar type atmosphere accompanied by the joy of being creative.

Splash Studio    |    184 N. Broadway   |    Milwaukee, WI

Splash Studio | 184 N. Broadway | Milwaukee, WI

I met the owners of Splash at an Art Milwaukee articipatuon talk. They said they were hiring artists and that they were working on their website. I applied to be an instructor and also mentioned I would love to help in their website. Within a couple weeks we were finalizing their logo, developing their site and I was hired as an instructor.

I will be instructing a few nights a week at their location in the thirdward on 184 Broadway. From start to finish the class will usually be three hours. You learn how to paint the scheduled painting step by step while you are also sipping on great beer and wine selections. The fee includes instruction, all supplies and the 16″x20″ canvas. Instead of a going out to a regular bar, come down to splash with your friends for a unique experience.

I also was lucky enough to help them out on the design side. I worked with the owners to create the logo. We compared many options to get create something simple but creative and classy, to encompasses the atmosphere at Splash Studio. I got see it grow from a sketch to become their identity on their outside signs, aprons, and business cards. It was such a great experience as a freelancer, to achieve something great for a client – while being on my own. I am also very happy to still be working with them on the website, that launched last week.




Check out the site to book your next night out or find out more about them. They are also on Facebook.

Wait — there is more you ask?!

Yes there is also something else excited. Around the same time that Splash was going on, I put the word out to my mentors that my commute to my current job at Kohler was killing me. Tim and Amy Decker have been my long-time mentors and are both in the creative community. A couple weeks ago. Tim forwarded me a job opportunity at The Milwaukee Art Museum.



Just as fast as Splash happened, so did the museum. I applied and got an interview in a few days. After the first interview, I was asked to come in for a second. The second interview consisted of me re-branding the MAM after dark series. I came up with two options and presented them. They were looking for marketing materials to help bring more attendance into the museum. At the end of the week I was given a formal offer to become part of the team. What an unexpected amazing opportunity. Once in a while life all seems to just align. Even though I was getting great experience at Kohler, you can’t put a price on 2+ hours I loose in a car everyday.  So I quit my job, accepted both Splash and the Art Museum and I am about start a new chapter.

I’m taking a week off before I start this transformation March 26th. I can’t wait to take a little break and be happy that all the hard work pays off sometimes. With two more hours in each day, I hope to have new work and more posts on this blog. Stay tuned for updates and wish me luck!








blog: blôg

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That is it. I have had enough. I need to start with more regular posts.

I hear again and again how someone my age is out in the design or fine art world and making national recognition due to the content and idea for their blog. Meaning, illustrious people like Andrew Gibbs with his daily package design blog called The DieLine, Jessica Hische with her Daily DropCap or the oh-so popular Daily Monster illustration blog by Stefan G. Bucher. All of these young designers picked an idea they were drawn to and made it into a blog empire. They have grown throughout the course of making their blogs. You can see if literally over time, and I want so badly to learn from them and follow in their footsteps.

The Daily Monster Stephan Bucher

Stefan used his passion for illustration as a way to generate content for his blog and have fun. He starts by spilling liquid ink on to his drawing surface. Then he manipulates the ink by blowing on it through a straw. He forms these awesome abstract shapes that he then uses to build his drawing of a monster.
You can see more of his process in videos on his YouTube page at

So I am going to do the same and start blogging more often and pick a focus for a daily or weekly post. (For better or for worse). Picking the idea is going to be the hard part but physically posting should not be that hard with a camera, spell check and the wordpress app on my phone right? (Hopefully). I plan to pick a subject I like and run with it.

Here are the ideas I have had so far :

  • Expanding my feet photography series: that you can see here, to a daily photograph
  • Doing a weekly redesign project: Showing a before and after of a design refresh
  • Daily Student highlight – Highlight student’s work each day I find online or in person
  • Daily art history / modern comparison – Try to compare a classic with a modern piece
  • Weekly Painting Vector Make Over – I live on InDesign and Photoshop most days. I do not get to play in Illustrator as much as I would like. I would love to use this opportunity to convert my paintings into vectored illustrative prints. It would not give you a live-traced look, but a new spin on my older paintings.

I like all of these concepts and I wonder if there is even a need to narrow it down.
Either way look forward for more content and more fun to be happening at